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Driving advancements in enhanced workforce nutrition

Leading employers worldwide are already beginning to embrace the value of investment in expanded workplace nutrition programmes

The Workforce Nutrition Alliance is now calling on those leading employers who are on the front lines of efforts to enhance workforce nutrition to step forward and serve as a beacon to others – a lighthouse – guiding them to a future in which employees are healthy and productive.

Their experience in developing solutions to challenging issues, working across corporate departments, engaging with employees, influencing their supply chains, and collecting evidence of their results – can inspire and inform others to create wide-scale changes in workplace nutrition programmes around the world.

HEALTHY FOOD AT WORKGoogle’s approach to healthy food at work

The mission of Food at Google: To inspire and enable the Google community to thrive through food choices and experiences.

We believe that the food and beverages we offer at work have a significant impact on the overall work experience of our employees as well as our company culture, and we take that responsibility seriously. Among our top priorities are the health and well-being of our employees and the sustainability of our planet. To create balanced, sustainable and safe meals, the Food at Google team focuses on offering dishes that are plentiful in vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes, with a smart selection of protein-based choices.

“The Food at Google program believes food has the power to create well-connected teams and spark engaging conversations and ideas. We know that food is personal and has an impact on wellbeing and productivity; so, we aim to equip our employees with confidence to make delicious and sustainable food choices at work and at home”

Michiel Bakker VP of Global Programs, Real Estate & Workplace Services (REWS), Google

Whether an individual is a traditional eater, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or committed to another eating pattern; there is a wide variety of offerings at Google. In an effort to help our workforce thrive, we make it our goal to provide food and beverage options that celebrate an abundance of diverse, balanced and sustainable choices.

NUTRITION EDUCATIONHow Olam is educating its workers on the importance of nutrition

It has been our longstanding ethos to do business responsibly. As a purpose-driven company with a total workforce of over 34,000 people, supporting their well-being is our responsibility. To get there, Olam is building on its longstanding employee and farmer sustainability programmes and teaming up with partners across sectors to raise awareness and promote better health and nutrition.

“Increasingly businesses understand that investing in nutrition is not simply about improving livelihoods and well-being, but it also delivers economic benefits. Collective action by companies will be a major step towards solving global malnutrition”

Julie Green Chief Sustainability Officer, Olam Group

Food is fun to talk about; sharing knowledge on local, nutritious dishes is a great way to initiate discussions about nutrition that are enjoyable and engaging. Our recommendation is to find out what employees would like to learn more about when it comes to good health and nutrition, and find simple ways to support it. This way, the nutrition education actions you take will reflect your workforce’s needs and desires, increasing employee engagement and the effectiveness of your interventions.

BREASTFEEDING SUPPORTLeading the way in breastfeeding support

Promoting health and nutrition throughout our workforce is part of making real our purpose: to be the change for good food and a healthy future. Underpinned by a 40,000+ strong workforce, we want to create an environment where employees want to come to work every day, including mothers – it’s in everyone’s best interest.

One example of Ofi sites that are leading the way in workforce nutrition, is our nuts business in Viet Nam. In 2021, the business launched a program to support new mothers in the workplace. From raising awareness, providing counselling sessions and creating breastfeeding-friendly spaces, there has been a positive response amongst female employees.

“Improving nutrition is a critical part of the food system transformation and implementing company-wide goals in our own workplace is one of the key levers for driving such improvements. We at Ofi are proud to be recognized as an industry leader in workforce nutrition; an honor that strengthens our commitment to improving year after year. By 2030, our nuts business is aiming to provide access to nutrition programs to 100% of our workforce, with a particular emphasis on healthy food at work, nutrition education, breastfeeding support, and nutrition-focused health check-ups.

Ashok Krishen CEO, Ofi’s Nuts Platform

Early this year, the team at Ofi’s cashew factory in Anyama, Côte d’Ivoire constructed a nursery facility that can accommodate up to 60 children at one time, with a dedicated breastfeeding space. This is enabling new mothers to return to work earlier than they would otherwise have felt able to. It also provides new mothers with reassurance that there is a safe and hygienic on-site day-care facility if they need it.

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