Workforce nutrition masterclass


WORKFORCE NUTRITION MASTERCLASSImprove your workforce nutrition programme

A masterclass for HR professionals who work at companies that want to improve their workforce nutrition programme within one (or more) of our four themes: Healthy food at work, Nutrition education, Breastfeeding support, or Nutrition health checks.

A global mix of participants will collectively go through this three month masterclass. The class combines interactive group sessions, coaching sessions and helpful tools to implement and use in your organisation. The entire course is offered online. 

At the end of the masterclass you will have built the foundation for a workforce nutrition programme that strengthens your company and improves the lives of its employees.

CourseWorkforce Nutrition Masterclass
DatesSeptember 2022 – November 2022
Time investment2 to 4 hours per week
For whoHR Professionals
Price€ 1.495 excl. VAT (per person)

GET ACTIVEJoin the masterclass

Enrolment for the masterclass is easy. Simply click the button below and fill out the form. After submission our team will contact you over email to finalise your sign up.

WHAT YOU WILL GETGet active in this masterclass

The masterclass is much more than just an online course. You’ll receive practical tools to get started, learn from other best practices and gain individual advice to build your workforce nutrition plan.

Practical process for support

The masterclass follows a practical process that allows you to build a workforce nutrition programme for your organization.

Based on a business case

The masterclass is rooted in our evidence briefs which show a business case for workforce nutrition.

Expert sessions on nutrition themes

We work with specialised technical partners that share knowledge and practical advice during the masterclass.

Coaching sessions to help you make impact

We host coaching sessions during the masterclass to answer your questions or guide you to overcome hurdles.

Engaging online sessions

The core of the masterclass consists of regular virtual sessions. Here you will meet your peers from other companies.

Access to ready to use resources

The masterclass features a set of ready-made resources that make your implementation job a lot easier.

Community of peers

The masterclass will have participants from companies all over the world. Within this group you will exchange experiences.

Certificate of completion

At the end of the masterclass, we’ll celebrate your performance and provide participants with a certificate of completion.

FIVE STEPSThe masterclass follows a practical process for implementation

Changing your workforce’s nutrition can seem like a daunting task, but we’re with you every step of the way. Our sessions and tools help you to build your workforce nutrition program in five steps.


Preparation and kick-off

Start with our scorecard to do a self-assessment of your worksite. We will review it together.


Explore your situation

Participate in live online sessions with experts and peers as well as one-on-one coaching. Get access to practical tools and resources, and receive a certificate after successful completion.

Define goals and activities

Implement your plan


Show your success

Implement your programme and get support on request. Become part of a global network of peers.

HOSTSLearn from the best

The masterclass is provided by GAIN project managers and external professionals who build on years of workforce nutrition experience.

Mirjam Kneepkens

As a nutritionist with extensive
experience in supporting companies, she is in the perfect position to help you achieve your goals.

Liezel Engelbrecht

Equipped with expertise in communications and dietetics, she will support you with practical guidance
and creative solutions.

Annewies Hilberink

With a background in systems thinking for more healthy and sustainable diets, she can help you analyse your context and think through solutions.

MORE INFOCheck our sessions

Fast track for leaders: Strategy

In this recording we explain the best ways to build a workforce nutrition strategy. Its focus audience is global leads who aim to gain insights into how to set up a strategy for workforce nutrition in their organisations.

Fast track for leaders: Implementation

In this recording, we explain the best ways to implement a workforce nutrition at a worksite. Its focus audience is global leads who aim to implement workforce nutrition in their organisations.

COURSE SCHEDULEFive months of action oriented online sessions

Have a look below to get a basic understanding of the course schedule. Reach out if wish to receive a detailed planning.

Five steps
Number of calls
Tools made available each step
Time investment
1 – 2Kick-off + themes2 group callsMeet other participants and learn more about the themes7 hours
3 – 5Explore your situation1 group callUnderstand your challenges and opportunities9 hours
6 – 7Define goals and activities1 group callPut your ideas and solutions on paper6 hours
8 – 10Develop your plan1 group callThink through your implementation and budget6 hours
11 – 13Close-out2 group callsShare your learnings and success! 3 hours

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSAll you need to know about the masterclass

We are happy to help you on your way. Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Masterclass below or reach out if you need additional support.

This masterclass is specifically designed for HR professionals who wish to improve on nutrition in their organisation.

The masterclass will be hosted by experts with extensive experience in supporting companies on improving their workforce nutrition.

The masterclass will consist of online meetings and a set of practical tools to implement workforce nutrition in your organization.

In this masterclass we ask participants to choose one of our four nutrition themes. This way, you will have a clear focus and a realistic workload for your workforce nutrition programme.

We’ll offer a range of tried and tested tools that help you build the right team, develop surveys to gather insights, create ideas and ultimately implement your workforce nutrition programme.

TALK TO USGet in touch with our team

Difficulty deciding? We get it, workforce nutrition might be new to you and you’re not entirely sure how the masterclass will help you or your organisation. Our team is happy to have a chat and answer your questions.