PARTNeRsHigh-caliber workforce nutrition support

The Workforce Nutrition Alliance connects with partner organizations from the private sector, civil society, government- and knowledge institutes. Together we work towards improving workforce nutrition. Partners contribute through technical, advocacy, reporting and development expertise.

TECHNICAL PARTNERSTechnical partners that excel at our nutrition themes

Alive and Thrive

Breastfeeding support

Alive and Thrive (A&T) is an initiative to save lives, prevent illness, and ensure healthy growth and development through optimal maternal nutrition, breastfeeding, and complementary feeding practices. Through application of its evidence-based framework and utilization of its robust network, A&T builds momentum, breaks down barriers, and supports a better future for women and children.

BDA Work Ready

Nutrition education and nutrition focused health checks

BDA Work Ready is a dietitian-led programme to help companies keep their workforce healthy and well at work. Launched by The British Dietetic Association in early 2016, Work Ready offers a range of expertise and services to all sectors and types of business. Their UK based network of accredited dietitians improves resilience and mental wellbeing through positive behaviour change techniques.


Healthy food at work

IGD is a research and training charity which sits at the heart of the food and grocery industry in the United Kingdom. Their Healthy Eating program brings people together to promote healthier diets through research, insight and recommendations. IGD showcases how businesses providing food in the workplace are adapting, and shares resources to encourage balanced food choices at work.

Eat Well Global

Healthy food at work

Eat Well Global is a specialized strategic communication consultancy that empowers global change agents in food and nutrition, from improving product portfolios to sharing and translating science. They have expertise in gathering key evidence, developing strategies, creating content, and facilitating partnerships and networks to advance the accessibility of nutritious foods around the world.

ADVOCACY PARTNERSAdvocacy partners who share our cause

Sun Business network

The SUN Business Network mobilises business to act, invest and innovate in responsible and sustainable actions to improve the consumption of nutritious and safe foods. The platform counts over 800 country and global members.


WBCSD is the global CEO-led community of leading sustainable businesses that aim to collectively accelerate system transformations. The platform works with more than 200 member companies along and across value chains.

REPORTING PARTNERSPartners who help us set the benchmark for workforce nutrition

World Benchmarking Alliance

The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) measures and incentivises business impact. Their Food and Agricultural Benchmark measures 350 companies on key issues underpinning food systems transformations, and explicitly reports on workforce nutrition within the nutrition agenda.

Access to Nutrition Initiative

Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI) draws on the power of the private sector to address the global nutrition crisis. Their Global Index 2021 assesses companies’ nutrition-related commitments, practices and disclosures, including workforce nutrition programmes in section E (lifestyles).

SUPPORT PARTNERSPartners who support us in the development of our services

New Foresight

NewForesight is a strategy consulting firm dedicated to driving change. They partner with clients from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors who want to find structural solutions to critical sustainability challenges.

BoP Innovation Center

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