Self Assessment Scorecard


SELF-ASSESSMENT SCORECARDThe golden standard for assessing nutrition at companies

The journey towards implementation of an effective and impactful workforce nutrition programmes starts with a self-assessment of your current programme. We have developed a free online self-assessment scorecard that enables companies to identify where they can enhance their workforce nutrition.

This scorecard helps to self-assess individual worksites on four nutrition themes, independent of worksite-type (factories, retail stores, corporate office). If your organization has multiple worksites, it also enables you to have an overview of your organization-wide performance across different worksites and regions.

ASSESS YOUR ORGANISATIONStart your self-assessment

Start your assessmentThe scorecard has been co-developed and currently used by 34 organizations, covering 115 worksites worldwide. If you are excited to learn how you can improve on workforce nutrition, your journey can start here.

SCORECARD DEMOLearn how to use the self-assessment scorecard

BENCHMARKINGImprove benchmarking scores and address ESG concerns

Workforce nutrition is recognized by global reporting mechanisms as a catalyst towards achieving global nutrition goals and targets. In collaboration with World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) and Access To Nutrition Initiative (ATNI), the self-assessment components are included in the latest benchmarks for the private sector. The scorecard can also be used to add voluntary sections to annual ESG-reporting.

ABOUT THIS TOOLAll you need to know about the self-assessment

We are happy to help you on your way. Find answers to commonly asked questions about the self-assessment below or reach out if you need additional support.

Any employer can easily carry out the self-assessment – whether a company, organization or other. It can also be used for one workplace, or across multiple workspaces.

The online self-assessment process can be carried out at your own pace. You set the timeframe and input your own information based on your company/ organization's unique situation.

The online self-assessment includes a scorecard that will enable you to identify where your current workforce nutrition programme is effective, and where it can be strengthened.

Make sure to download our "pre- read" before beginning the self- assessment, to to have an understanding of the process and what information you may need to input.

Our self-assessment scorecard can be used across one or multiple workplaces. It can also assess organization-wide performance across different workplace types including factories, corporate offices, retail stores and warehouses.

The self-assessment tool and accompanying scorecard are made available free of charge. Additionally, we provide generalized free tools and resources via our website.