Companies with a combined total of over 5.5m million employees and workers along the supply chain committed to workforce nutrition in 2021

The Workforce Nutrition Alliance (WNA) and its partners achieved outstanding results in 2021, the Year of Action for Nutrition. Commitments made by companies covered more than 5.5m employees and workers along the supply chain.

This significant number came from ten companies that made public commitments on workforce nutrition. A further 21 organizations took part in WNA’s first technical support program, reaching an additional 30,000 employees across nine countries.

And there’s more good news. The journey towards an effective and impactful workforce nutrition program starts with a self-assessment scorecard. During 2021, 38 companies, with 115 offices or worksites in 30 countries, accessed our scorecard.

Workforce nutrition has to be an essential tool for all companies that understand their responsibility to look after their first customers, their employees. However, it also makes business sense, as workforce nutrition delivers proven benefits: a healthier workforce results in better productivity, lower absenteeism, and higher employee retention and staff loyalty. These provide the combination of lower costs and a positive impact to the bottom line.

We are set for continuous momentum in 2022 with more companies getting involved and committing to workforce nutrition.

The following infographic provides an overview of the 2021 achievements:

Download the infographic.

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